Your Stories

Would you like to tell the membership about your time in the Royal Air Force. Well here's your chance. You can include your full RAF history or an event or posting that you think would be of interest.


Please submit your story by email to Lorraine Wilson, Branch Secretary, on or contact Lorraine on 01452-306005

05/02/2020 - Anthony's story about his time at Porton Down, Op. Antler

We start with Anthony Reeve's account of his posting to Cyprus. Please click here.

22/05/2020 - Dave Johnson's story of being stationed at Rheindahlen, Germany

Many years ago I was stationed at Rheindahlen Germany and used to work at the Int cell in what was commonly known at the Big House (HQ RAFG)

As you can imagine at the start of day and cease of work there were many different services and nationalities either going to or coming from the big house. I was on my way to work accompanied by a colleague when I saw this very smartly dressed Army officer coming towards me.  I quickly  gave a perfectly timed by the book salute.  My colleague didn't! With that, the Army officer abruptly stopped and looked at my friend and said "Airman, don't you salute Majors in the Air Force"?  He replied "We don't have any Majors in the Air Force, Sir". I don't know what the reply was as I was doubling up the stairs but when I looked back the Major's neck was very red!!!

Dave Johnson

Branch Member